Gabriella Doran
London Acupuncture


Annetta, London N5

“I went to Gabriella in 2011 after suffering from various ailments for at least two years, mainly from taking antibiotics for years. My immune system was depleted and so was I. Through the following few months she restored my physical and emotional health. She is a great healer. My health has not been this good for years, I feel balanced and full of energy. My intention is to have treatments for life and I hope it will be with Gabriella.”

Catherine, London, N8

“Worth going out of your way for! I've been going to Gabriella for a number of years now. She's an excellent acupuncturist and a natural healer, as well as an very good listener. My general state of well-being has been brilliant since I started treatments, and she is just wonderful at helping one regain the natural balance in their body (and lives).”

Barry, London, NW6

“London Acupuncture has been really helpful to me over the past year or so - particularly through the aftermath of giving up smoking. I'm also trying (to no small effect) the 'acupuncture facelift' treatment.”

Dee, London, N8

When I arrived in London, and a bit overwhelmed by the acculturation process, I began to search for a Five Element Acupuncturist having myself had a background in FE I knew the incredible preventative and healing benefits of this practice when done well. I found Gabriella after interviewing one other practitioner and via the Worsley listings for qualified FE practitioners. 4.5 years later I still rely on Gabriella's expertise and amazing intuitive abilities for my preventative medicine needs and have only twice needed the intervention of Western medicine. I can attest for Gabriella Doran's integrity, skill and amiable demeanour and would recommend her to absolutely anyone who is looking for effective mental or physical healing as well as whole person balancing resulting in lasting health.

Julia, London, W9

“Gabriella Doran of London Acupuncture is an amazing practitioner, and a kind and patient human. She asks and listens before she acts, then acts with considerable knowledge, integrity and determination to make the patient well. Great results. Convenient location. Highly recommended.”

Katy, London NW6

“When I first started acupuncture I had just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was at my lowest point both physically and mentally. Both the treatment and personal care that I have received from Gabriella has put me back on the road to well being and health - a place I was scared I would never get to again. I can't believe how well I am feeling now. I didn't realise the power of acupuncture on mind, body and spirit - and will not lose it from my life again.”

Charles, London W9

“I was sceptical at first that you could really make any difference to my stress levels and general shocking health. I had tried 'mainstream' acupuncture a number of times before and found it to be fairly ineffective but in a desperate state I knew I had to try something different. After just a few sessions of Classical 5 Elements Acupuncture I can safely say that I haven't felt so good for yonks! I've visited a number of alternative health practitioners in the last few years but none have impressed me as much as you. You were firm but gentle, compassionate and selfless. A credit to your profession and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone.”

Ana, London W2

“I don’t know what magic pins you used yesterday, but I feel brand new, super-motivated, productive, active and clear-headed. Great!”

John, London W9

“I have suffered for 10 years from numerous complications with my body and blood, having had T-cell lymphoma giving rise to granuloma skin complaint and a tumour the size of an egg on my leg. Finding it hard to get on with my life and coping with the fact that I have had cancer, the treatment has helped me in a tremendous way. I now look forward to my life ahead, feel better about myself and stronger than I have felt in so many years. I am on my way to being a driving instructor with BSM, can think more positively, and my blood count has been perfect for the last three visits to hospital.”

C.H. London W9

“I felt supported through such a difficult time, when I was petrified where life was going to go. Acupuncture helped me to express myself and be more assertive. I felt such a great warmth, like a warm, cosy sock and I was so much more solid.”

Julia, London SE11

“Acupuncture treatments have made a very profound contribution to my healing process. I have experienced real understanding and empathy, which have enhanced the physical treatments and made this a totally holistic experience.”

A.B. Stoke-on-Trent

“Just to say I truly appreciate the treatment you gave me last week. I’m feeling terrific and for the first time in ages I have no pain in the hip. As I told you, I’ve done physio, chiro, deep massage and painkillers, all gave VERY temporary relief. The acupuncture worked wonders. Even my wife has noticed the difference, she says I get out of the chair easier.”

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